What you can analyze

A number of characteristics can be determined with great accuracy using analyzers from Perten Instruments. The most commonly determined parameters include:


Moisture, Starch, Protein, Oil, Fiber, Ash - DA 7250 and IM 9500
Fermentable starch in grains, high tannin sorghums - RVA

Yeast propagation, Fermentation broth, Beer well

Ethanol, Glucose, Maltose, Lactic acid, Acetic acid, Glycerol, Brix, Dextrins (DP4+), DP3 - DA 7250
Mash viscosity, lignocellulose liquefaction - RVA
Research has also been performed on using the RVA for determination of thermostable endoglucanases in the liquefaction. Click here to read an article about this research.

Wet Distiller's Grain

Moisture - DA 7250

Dried Distiller's Grain

Moisture, Protein, Starch, Crude fiber, ADF, NDF, Ash - DA 7250 and DA 7300