NIR Butter analysis

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Ensure that you meet the stringent regulations of butter yet do so as profitably as possible. Our NIR instruments accurately determine moisture, fat, and salt in both salted and unsalted butter.

In-line NIR analysis

The DA 7300™ In-line NIR measures moisture, fat and salt contiuously in the process. It is approved by the USDA for use in dairy production. It can be integrated with existing plant control systems for process optimization. Results can also be displayed on separate monitors with trend charts and current readings. Read more about the DA 7300™ In-line NIR.

At-line NIR analysis

The DA 7250™ is designed for use in food production areas and offers 6-second analysis of butter with no sample preparation or cleaning between analyses. It is IP65 certified and the sanitary design model comes in a stainless steel housing. By having nearly instantaneous results, you can tighten tolerances. This allows you to save money on butterfat while reducing re-work, product recalls, and avoid penalties. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR Dairy Analyzer.

NIR On-line, In-line and at-line butter analysis for moisture, butterfat, salt