Analyzers for meat products

Perten provides a wide range of meat analysis including composition, texture, and ingredient performance. Our instruments are based on proven technology, enabled by powerful, intuitive, user-driven software, and are supplied with ready-to-use calibrations/methods.

DA 7250 SD NIR Meat Analyzer

DA 7250 SD Sanitary Design NIR At-line Analyzer for food and ingredientsAccurate measurement of fat, moisture, protein, collagen, salt, and more in raw meat, in-process samples, finished products, and by-products in less than 10 seconds.  Use of open faced cups or disposable petri dishes improve results by limiting risk of cross-contamination and remove sample clean-up.



The DA 7250 uses Diode Array NIR technology to collect a large number of spectra on a spinning sample in just a few seconds. The large spot size, large viewed surface area, and multiple spectra provide a very representative analysis of heterogeneous samples such as meat. Its versatility allows you to analyze  ground meat, pastes/emulsions, meat cuts, powders, liquids, and more.

The analyzer is IP 65 rated, is operated using a touch screen interface, and is available in a Sanitary Design (SD) version. The DA 7250 SD has a stainless steel housing with minimized surfaces and crevices where food material can adhere. This makes it easy to clean and reduces opportunities for microbial growth

The DA 7250 comes factory calibrated for a wide range of beef, poultry, and pork products including raw meets, filling products, and final meat products. Calibrations for mechanically separated chicken (MSC), casings, fish products, and rendered by-products such as meat and bone meal, poultry meal, and oils are also available.

Calibrations are developed with the calibration algorithm most suitable: Perten Honigs Regression (HR), Artifical Neural Network Regression (ANN), or Partial Least Squares (PLS) regression. The DA 7250 is Aus-Meat approved.


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DA 7300 In-line NIR

The USDA approved DA 7300 In-line NIR is installed in production processes on pipes or mixers for continuous measurement of fat, moisture, and protein. The product - typically ground meat or mechanically separated poultry - flows by the window and is continuously measured. The results are used to manually or automatically blend to specified content. Consistent monitoring of fat content allows for tighter production and optimized use of expensive lean meat.



Using the DA 7300, a production facility can have real-time 24/7 analysis capability.  In addition to the compositional measurement by NIR, the DA 7300 includes an integrated camera which produces live video as well as color measurement. The integrated camera allows plant personnel to "look" inside the pipe at any time from any computer connected to the network.

The DA 7300 is built for industrial environments and is installed in hundreds of food plants around the world. It readily connects to plant control systems using a wide range of communication protocols

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DA 7440 SD On-line NIR

The DA 7440 SD On-line NIR measures fat, moisture, and protein, in real-time, in over-the belt locations - i.e.  ground meat or mechanically separated poultry transported on conveyor belts. The instrument can be integrated into plant control systems using a wide range of communication protocols.


DA 7440 over minced meat

The DA 7440 SD is IP69k certified and suitable for placement in many environments. Measurement results are accessible in dedicated web based interface or integrated into plant control systems.  For at-line monitoring, the optional 12" screen provides current readings as well as trend charts for quick viewing.

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RVA Performance analyzer

RVAOut-of spec ingredients can cause quality issues or even shut down process lines. Use the RVA  to measure performance and keep non-performing materials from ever entering your process. Test the binding and texture enhancing characteristics of binders, gels and stabilizers used in sausage or other meat product production.



The RVA analyzes as little as two or three grams of sample using international standard methods or your own tailor-made test routines of mixing, measuring, heating, and cooling.

The RVA combines speed, precision, flexibility, and automation and is a unique tool for research, product development, and process monitoring.

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TVT Texture Analyzer

TVT 6700Texture of meat products is critical. The TVT 6700 Texture Analyzer performs a wide range of tests on raw and cooked meats, fish, and processed foods such as sausages, patties, hamburgers and more. Among the properties it measures is firmness, toughness, cutting strength, stiffness, tensile strength, and surimi gel strength -  to name a few.



The TVT 6700 comes with many standard methods installed. A wide variety of accessories are available, enabling you to test virtually any textural property of your meat products.

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