Applications - DA 7250™ NIR instrument

The characteristics of the DA 7250™ NIR analyzer make it ideal for a wide range of applications.  Grains, pellets, pastes, powders and liquids are all analyzed in only 6 seconds.

Below are examples of applications the DA 7250™ NIR analyzer is used in.

Feed milling

Use the DA 7250™ NIR instrument to analyze ingredients, in-process samples and finished feeds for parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, starch, energy, fibers and amino acids - all without having to grind samples.

  • Verify incoming ingredients against specifications
  • Get true nutritional values for ingredients, and improve formulations
  • Optimize fat, protein and moisture in your process and save money

Oilseed processing

With the DA 7250™ NIR instrument you can analyze for moisture, oil, fatty acids, protein and other parameters in oilseeds, meals and oil. No grinding is required for oilseed analysis, not even for sunflower seeds.

  • Test seeds at intake to pay the right price
  • Analyze meal to optimize extraction, drying and blending
  • Determine FFA, phosphorous and more in oil

Flour milling

The DA 7250™ NIR instrument lets you analyze wheat and flour for moisture, protein, ash and more. It provides top accuracy in a rugged, IP65 rated housing. Place it anywhere in the mill for immediate analysis results.

  • Test wheat at intake and during tempering
  • Optimize ash content with rapid and accurate analysis
  • Analyze co-products such as bran or middlings

Petfood production

Whether you produce wet or dry petfood, the DA 7250™ NIR instrument will analyze ingredients as well as finished petfood for moisture, protein, fat and more. Little or no sample preparation required, minimal cleaning between samples.

  • Analyze nutritional value of ingredients
  • Optimize production
  • Verify end-product quality

Seed breeding

The accuracy and speed of analysis make the DA 7250™ ideal for seed breeding companies and institutes. Analyze any type of grain or oilseed for standard parameters such as moisture, protein and oil, and specialized traits such as fatty acid profile or amino acid levels. Thousands of samples can be analyzed in a very short time, and any size sample can be analyzed - from just a few grains to 500 ml. Several of the leading institutes and companies worldwide use the DA 7250™.

Ethanol production

Many ethanol producers have been able to increase output and lower costs thanks to the DA 7250™ NIR instrument. Raw materials, fermentation samples and by-products are all analyzed in just a few seconds. Instead of waiting half an hour for HPLC results you can get an instant analysis of HPLC parameters in fermentation samples.


Analyze cheese, butter, milk, cream and powders with no sample preparation and no clean-up after analysis in the DA 7250™ NIR instrument. Using the disposable cup system, the sample is simply placed in a plastic cup which is disposed of after analysis. This makes the DA 7250™ extremely rapid and easy to use. Its accuracy makes it possible for you to control production to very tight limits.

Other Food

The unique sample presentation and the speed of analysis make the application possibilities nearly limitless. Snackfoods, potato products, breakfast cereals and meat products are just a few analysis examples where the abilities of the DA 7250™ NIR instrument bring great benefits.

Starch production

The flexible sample presentation of the DA 7250™ makes it possible to analyze both the raw materials and nearly all in-process products as well as end-products. Grains, slurries, liquids and powders - all are easily analyzed in the DA 7250™ NIR instrument.