Inframatic 9520 – Dedicated NIR Flour Analyzer

The Inframatic 9520 is our most recent NIR instrument and a new member in the well-proven Inframatic family. 

Inframatic 9520 is designed specifically for flour and semolina and provides simple, rapid, routine bench-top analysis.

In less than 30 seconds, measure ash, moisture, protein and other key components accurately and reproducibly. Sample handling is simple and straight forward.

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Delta milk analyzers

Delta Instruments recently became part of Perten. Its milk analyzers are appreciated for their accuracy, throughput, and ease of use by milk testing labs and dairy processors worldwide.

Find out more about Delta and their range of milk analyzers.

Controlling Corn Wet Milling Using On-line NIR

The Meihua corn wet milling group was able to increase its yield by implementing the DA 7300 in-line NIR for process control in its plants. DA 7300 units are used to monitor wet gluten slurry as well as gluten meal.

Read the case study on how Meihua uses the DA 7300.