Que puede analizar

Our rheology and NIR instruments take care of most of the analytical requirements at an aquafeed plant. The following are the most commonly measured parameters:


Compositional testing: Moisture, Protein, Starch, Ash and more
Functional testing: Starch gelatinization characteristics, Falling Number

Oils and fats

Free fatty acids, fatty acid profile

Protein sources and other ingredients

Moisture, Protein, Amino acids, Fat, Fiber, Ash etc

In-process products

Degree of cook

Finished feeds

Compositional testing: Moisture, Protein, Amino acids, Fat, Fiber, Ash etc
Functional testing: Degree of cook

For NIR parameters, standard calibrations are available for a large number of ingredients and feeds. If you are upgrading from an older NIR model, we can transfer your existing spectral database, to provide a seamless upgrade from your old equipment.