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DA 7440 On-line NIR

The DA 7440 On-line NIR is a new generation of NIR sensors for over-belt placement which provides moisture / oven volatiles readings with no readjustments between batches. It's the most accurate moisture meter available, and it also measures nicotine, sugars, temperature and additional parameter in leaf processing, primary and heat-not-burn production lines.


Leaf, stems, strips, cut tobacco, tobacco powder and reconstituted tobacco are all measured with the same stability in results, and no need for recalibrations. Measurement is not affected when switching between tobaccoes, when level on the belt varies or when temperature shifts. When the belt is empty, the DA 7440 immediately senses this and does not give incorrect readings.

Current readings as well as trend charts are displayed on a monitor which connects to the sensor either by cable or wifi. The DA 7440 can also be integrated with plant control systems through Profibus and various other interfaces.

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DA 7250 NIR

The DA 7250 for lab and at-line use is accurate, rugged and easy to use. Samples are analyzed in as little as six seconds, with an accuracy similar to reference methods. Non-technical staff will confidently use it, and it provides leaf processors and cigarette manufacturers accurate analysis results also at times when lab technicians are not available.


In addition to moisture / oven volatiles, the DA 7250 can also determine:

  • nicotine
  • sugars
  • menthol
  • nitrate
  • chloride
  • ammonia
  • glycerine
  • propylenglycol

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